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The war-torn city of Marawi in Mindanao is a picture of devastated houses and buildings, deserted streets and traumatized civilians, and is the reason why many nations have extended a helping hand to rebuild this city to its former glory by donating in cash as well as medical equipment and supplies like a hospital bed.

If you remember correctly, Marawi was the center of battle between the Philippine armed forces and the Maute group which is inspired by the Islamic State terrorists. The war lasted for months and left the prospering city in ruins, in terrible need of medical support even for supplies as common as the Terumo syringe disposable.

Many families were displaced and a number of people from both groups were killed in the battle. And in order for families to rebuild their lives as well as the city, the Philippine government is doing all it can to help.

It’s a good thing allied countries and friendly neighbors are willing to assist our country and have already lent so much in cash and in kind, from food to health equipment like an oxygen tank and regulator.

Building Marawi and its People Up

The city of Marawi is in dire need of assistance even after months of having the battle won over the terrorists. Medical supplies like gauze pad sterile for treating wounds are scarce. And medicines are still lacking.

However, there’s been an outpouring of support for the city and the victims, which is why many needs and supplies are being delivered there every day. If it was quite hard to get the goods in the city before, ease of transport is being experienced now, even for large supplies like the baby bassinet stand. Military personnel are guarding the city and the neighboring places day in and day out.

Even though, sickness is still rampant since families have stayed in evacuation centers for quite a while, these are slowly being eradicated. With the arrival of health monitoring equipment like the digital BP Omron and ear thermometer, as well as the needed medicines, the people of Marawi are now standing up and making the most of what’s left of their beloved city.

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Having a newborn is an exciting yet frightening time for families and you prepare necessary things, the baby bassinet stand and more, and others that you don’t actually need. First time parents usually  get all the things they think the baby might need and fill their rooms full of infant things. Only to find out later on that most of the things they got weren’t really useful.

Yes, there are many things that your little miracle will need as he grows. But for a newborn, there are only some specific things that you should prepare before your tiny bundle comes home.

Going Home

Before the travel home from the hospital, make sure you prepare the things your little one will need for the ride. An infant seat is definitely necessary. Also get baby clothing that is appropriate for the weather and a burp cloth, or gauze pad sterile will do, in case your baby spits up on the way.

Newborn Needs at Home

It is best to have your infant’s needs ready at home before you bring him from the hospital. This way, you won’t have to rush outside and find the essentials when it is already needed. Check out this list.

  • Baby clothing

Babies can be messy, from spit up and diaper leaks, and this requires immediate changing. So, stock up on a week’s worth or more of infant clothes.

  • Newborn toiletries

Keeping the baby fresh and clean will require you to have proper toiletries that are specially made for newborns and are hypoallergenic. Have a digital ear thermometer on hand for temperature monitoring.

  • Crib or bassinet

As recommended by pediatricians, it is better to have your newborn sleep in a crib or bassinet, separate from you and your spouse. You won’t need a special egg mattress for this. Just keep the crib clear and your baby will be safe.

  • Proper nutrition

Whether you formula or breastfeed your baby on demand or following a schedule, it is important to feed often and follow proper hygiene. You can also use Terumo syringe disposable without the needle if you need to be resourceful in feeding.

  • Safe medications for common irritations

Gas and diaper rash are common infant problems. It is better to have safe meds for such cases. Don’t rush to the hospital just yet and have your baby’s blood taken in a capillary tube for these cases. However, do inform your pediatrician.

These things are usually what a normal, healthy infant will need at home. But if your baby has special needs, don’t hesitate to ask your pediatrician what you need to prepare, such as a micropore tape and other supplies.

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Hospital Beds
There are a number of types of specialist equipment required in the healthcare industry.  Possibly one of the most important would be the hospital bed itself.  Due to the amount of time patients spend in bed, and the amount of times healthcare workers need to interact with hospital beds, the requirement for such beds to be suitable for their purpose is high.  The bed itself needs to be fully adjustable, with individual head and foot adjustment also required. The side rails also have to be fully adjustable to ensure patients can be easily and safely managed in and out of bed as required. Portability is another important consideration.

Egg Mattresses and Anti Bed Sore Mattresses
Aside from the bed itself, the mattress is an other important piece of equipment.  The egg mattress, so called due to its resemblance to an egg carton or box, is popular with doctors due to its design which can reduce the likelihood of ulcers and sores as well as increasing patient comfort by allowing good airflow.  Many doctors encourage patients to continue using such mattresses after they return home due to their effectiveness. Another type of mattress popular within the sector is the anti bed sore mattress. Bed sores, or pressure sores, are skin injuries caused by pressure on the skin after extended periods of time in bed.  Anti bed sore mattresses are effective at reducing the likelihood of the occurrence of bed sores.

Commode Chairs
Commode chairs are another key item of equipment within the healthcare industry.  Many patients are debilitated and unable to use toilet facilities by themselves.  A commode chair enables patients to go to the toilet even if their mobility is heavily restricted.  The chair must be portable, hygienic and comfortable as priorities.  The toilet bowl itself should be removable for easy cleaning.

Bedside Tables
Bedside tables are another common feature in healthcare facilities.  These can be the over the bed style or the beside the bed style. As well as helping patients with eating or drinking, they are used for storage of private possessions and other items.  As with many pieces of medical equipment, they should be portable, durable and flexible for a variety of uses and users.

Baby Bassinet Stand
Another piece of equipment often found in healthcare facilities is a baby bassinet stand.  On maternity wards and in the homes of new-born babies, these stands offer great flexibility for placing cribs, carriers and other similar equipment.

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