Outpouring Support for Marawi Plus Medical Supplies like a Hospital Bed for their Medical Centers

The war-torn city of Marawi in Mindanao is a picture of devastated houses and buildings, deserted streets and traumatized civilians, and is the reason why many nations have extended a helping hand to rebuild this city to its former glory by donating in cash as well as medical equipment and supplies like a hospital bed.

The Advent of Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies like Capillary Tube and Others

Drones are flying visions of the ever improving technology all over the world, more so in Africa where they have become delivery systems of live saving devices such as blood units, capillary tube and syringes. Although many people in Europe and the USA, where these unmanned aerial devices are frequently seen in the skies, have

Storms-stricken Provinces in the Philippines in Need of Medical Supplies like the Nebulizer

One of the harsher storms that entered the Philippines in 2017, Vinta, brought about many problems, including lack of medical supplies such as the nebulizer and common medicines for the many sickness that this calamity caused. The end of 2017 for our tropical country is definitely not easy. And the start of this year, as

First Aid Procedure Using A Gauze Pad Sterile And Other Supplies For Bleeding Wounds and Cuts

Almost everyone has experienced having a cut or wound where a simple gauze pad sterile is used as treatment to stop it from bleeding. But what happens when the bleeding continues? What do you do? How to Stop a Cut from Bleeding A bleeding cut usually drives a person to panic, especially when that person

Inside The Busy World Of The Emergency Room: First Aid Kits, Emergency Carts and Oxygen Tanks

The emergency room is probably one of the busiest areas in the hospital, brimming with patients and staff, emergency equipment like the trusted oxygen tank, supplies and medicines. No matter the time and day, the emergency room never lacks action, and sometimes, even drama. What’s Inside the Emergency Room For those without medical background, the

Where Do All The Unused Hospital Medical Supplies Such As The Terumo Syringe Disposable Go?

The scarcity of medical supplies, such as the pretty common Terumo syringe disposable, in district hospitals and health centers all over the Philippines is not a new issue. And yet, in spite of this problem, we still see boxes of health materials and medical equipment in unopened boxes lying in some hospitals. What’s worse is

Setting Up The School’s Clinic Complete With A Hospital Bed

Having a hospital bed in the school clinic may be a bit too much. But for someone who works in the medical field, I say that this equipment is an essential part of every clinic, no matter where you are, no matter who you cater to. You may not want to resort to using it,

The Baby Bassinet Stand and All You Need When Baby Comes Home from the Hospital

Having a newborn is an exciting yet frightening time for families and you prepare necessary things, the baby bassinet stand and more, and others that you don’t actually need. First time parents usually  get all the things they think the baby might need and fill their rooms full of infant things. Only to find out

An Ice Bag for Your Concussion

You may have probably experienced having an accident where your head bumped on something hard, or someone bashed your head while you were playing. Usually, if you have a lump on your head, an ICE BAG 6″ is placed on that part to reduce the swelling. If you are lucky enough, the swelling will be

Alcohol, Blood, Love, and Monsters: What We Fear

How we hated when our parents would get a piece of COTTON ROLL, pour alcohol on it to change the dressing of our wounds. Flashbacks right? Despite being a helpful liquid, we all have this innate fear of ALCOHOL due to our painful experiences with it. Fear is described as the point where we find